Cardboard Bieber will definitely be stolen on Thursday.

Fresh off of filming a PSA for the riot he caused in a Long Island mall back in 2009, Justin Bieber has just announced to his 10,488,546 million followers that he'll be at Macy's Herald Square this Thursday, meaning that those not infected with Bieber Fever should stay away from Macy's Herald Square this Thursday.


He'll be there promoting his new perfume line, called Someday, so we called the perfume counter to find out if employees there are worried for their lives. One man behind the counter just told us, "I've been answering calls about it all day, people are already lining up!" So far there are only about 15 people in line, but Biebs just made this announcement, and who knows how many fans have maneuvered themselves into the air shafts or are posing as mannequins. By the way, the perfume bottle has a very... Georgia O'Keefe aesthetic:

But what does it smell like? One fan has noted on the Macy's site, "IT SMELLS GREAT U NEED TO GO BUY IT IT REALLY IS WHAT A GIRL WANTS." More specifically, there are top notes of mandarin, juicy pear, and wild berry; heart notes of jasmine and creamy florals, and a finish of vanilla musk.

We have contacted the NYPD and the FDNY's Special Bieber Units to find out what kind of security they'll be providing at Thursday's riot, and will update this post when we hear back.