With Factory photographer Billy Name's negatives gone missing, it might be nice to check out some other snapshots from the days Andy Warhol reigned as the King of Pop Art.

The Steven Kasher Gallery just extended their Andy Warhol: Unexposed Exposures exhibit, which will now run through April 10th. The installation is the first to feature these 70+ previously unpublished and unexhibited photographs, which will also be featured in a new book (that shares a title with the exhibition). Bob Colacello writes in the forward:

There is a sense of intimacy as well as of voyeurism, of funny-looking, insecure, wistful Andy, through flattery and attentiveness, trying to connect. Yet, because he was not just any photographer but a famous artist, a star, there is often a sense that the looking is being done at the man with the camera as well as by him. In some cases, the subjects are clearly performing for their fellow luminary, or close friend, or boss. As spontaneous as these images may seem, they are intrinsically staged, with Warhol himself as both chronicler and catalyst of the moments he is documenting."

The Steven Kasher Gallery is located at 521 West 23rd Street, where on top of seeing the vintage photographs, you can also purchase them. With this, and the upcoming exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, is Andy Warhol getting his posthumous 15 minutes?