Many of you probably have that image of a youthful Farrah Fawcett in a red bathing suit engraved in your memory, but another iconic photograph was taken of her that decade.

In 1979 Andy Warhol snapped a shot of the actress with his Polaroid camera, which is now going on auction at the Children's Museum of the Arts this Thursday. The 3-inch by 4-inch snapshot is not the one in his Polaroid book, and is already valued at more than $8,000.

Reportedly the artist's Polaroids were used for his eventual silk-screen portraits. Warhol had "intended his Polaroids to serve as time-capsule glimpses of a specific era — namely, the '70s and early '80s when he was at the height of his fame."

There will plenty more up for auction, as well, including works of art by David Byrne, Yoko Ono and John Waters. More details on Thursday's art auction, and the works on the block, here