Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film," Ric Burns' film on the artist, will be shown tonight and tomorrow night on the PBS's“American Masters” series. According to the Times, Burns had a hard time getting the film made, and still needs to raise $225,000 to finish paying for the $3.6 million film. Warhol's artist stature was questioned by many, as they don't consider "his riffs on celebrity and commerce to be art."

The film serves as an exploration of Warhol's paintings, drawings and photographs, films and television, books, magazines and musical performances. From PBS:

"Set within the turbulent, changing context of his life and times, this portrait is the first to move deeply into the immense archives at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, the city of his humble origins. Obsessed with fame and a desire to transcend those origins, Warhol uniquely grasped the realities of modern society - the function of celebrity and of the mass media - and became the high priest of one of the most radical experiments in American culture, permanently penetrating and redefining the barrier between art and commerce."

Speaking of commerce, check out this amazing commercial from the 60's for Braniff Airlines, starring none other than Warhol himself. Watch it here. It's amazing on so many levels. Also, did you know Braniff Airlines really was the most stylish airline...Pucci designed their hostess uniforms!

Above is a clip of Warhol from an early interview.