Van Williams as the Green HornetIn what the advertising and film worlds consider a rather ballsy move, Miramax has asked various car manufacturers for $35 million to feature their car in the upcoming Green Hornet movie, scheduled for summer of 2005. Of course, the Green Hornet has been in development heck for a long time, has no script or director, etc. The money would goes towards marketing the film, and Lori Sale of Miramax tells AdAge, "It has to be a cool car. Minivans need not apply. It needs to be a new vehicle or a concept car." Gothamist remembers the part in the film version of Get Shorty, which shows Chili Palmer starting a new trend towards embracing minivans as the cool car.

Car product placements are nothing new: Ford had a media and marketing deal with Die Another Day that pimped the Thunderbird plus Jaguar nd Aston Martin, worth $35 million. The old James Bond car before Ford, BMW, spent $15 million in media and marketing. Interestingly, The Matrix producers approached Cadillac to use the Escalade in Matrix: Reloaded; Cadillac declined but M:R still used it, which means that sometimes the greed is outweighed by just wanting to have the coolest car in the movie. Currently The Italian Job features Minis doing things you wouldn't think Minis could (or should) do.

There was a time that George Clooney and Jet Li were mentioned to play Britt Reid and Kato in the Green Hornet movie.