Correction: The previous version of this article included a birthing video from April the Giraffe that we billed as footage from Saturday, March 16, 2019, when she welcomed her fifth bundle of giraffe joy. It is actually from 2017, and we regret the error. We are working on getting you a recent birthing video, but in the meantime...

Hello, have you ever seen a giraffe give birth before? Would you like to? Ok great, here's just under 40 minutes of footage in which Animal Adventure Park's foremost celebrity—April the Giraffe—births a calf, in honor of the very big news: On Saturday, April became a mom—again!

Please note: This video is from 2017, but we are sure committed giraffe fans will want to revisit this moment. Because it remains fairly charming how April reaches her long snake neck around to her backside, nipping at the emerging baby's clompers as if to speed along his exit.

Wasn't that nice?

Anyway, Saturday's miracle of life reportedly drew over 300,000 viewers, and by the time it was all over at 12:45 p.m., the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York had added a healthy baby boy to its giraffe army.

According to the zoo, this little brat (as yet unnamed) is healthy and already stands at a robust 5'11".

In any case, this was not April's first rodeo, but her fifth. As you have now seen, April gave birth to her fourth calf in April 2017, a spectacle that extended weeks past its original March due date and attracted hundreds of millions of eyeballs to her live feed during the wait. April dropped Tajiri "in a shower of amniotic fluid and catharsis," as the Washington Post put it, on April 15, 2017. Tajiri moved out of his parents' (April and Oliver's) barn in November, and had reportedly taken up with a 14-year-old "companion" giraffe as of Valentine's Day.

According to PIX11, the park will open a calf-naming contest for this latest giraffe baby "soon," and he will make his public debut on May 1, when Animal Adventure opens for the season. In the meantime, catch him on April's Giraffe Cam.