We already know where celebrities live—their real estate deals are eerily well-documented, and anyway, who cares? TMZ knows what tourists really want, and what they want is to gawk at the club where Lindsay Lohan called a girl a gypsy and punched her in the face.

A new bus tour—just like the one in Los Angeles, where visitors can gaze upon the corner where Hugh Grant was caught with a hooker, offers out-of-towners and the occasional self-loathing local the chance to stare at restaurants and street corners where celebrities of various levels of stardom ate a burrito that one time. The tour will launch on May 18, and tickets will cost $49 for adults and $39 for kids.

A video posted on the tour's site gives potential patrons an excellent sense of what they can expect from the two-hour ride, namely, the nasally voice of a carnival barker pointing out where Jonah Hill once took a photo of a park bench on which a woman recently gave birth. “It’s like a Broadway show, only way safer than ‘Spider-Man (Turn off the Dark,)” TMZ founder Harvey Levin told the Daily News. Next up: Gosling Tour NYC. You heard it here first.