Photo via pabo76's flickr

taxistar1011.jpgThe city of New York has announced that a new Taxi TV star is in the making! But does the city of New York know that everyone turns off the televisions immediately upon getting in to one of its yellow chariots? That said, if you want to "be the New Yorker that welcomes everyone inside a New York City taxi cab," or at the least the voice that makes them reach for the off button, then you just have to submit a 30 second audition video.

The search is part of the launch of the new NYC CHANNEL, and the "star" will appear in an introduction video that will play in cabs at the beginning of every ride. The channel itself will "provide taxi riders with informative and entertaining info about their City," including a look at "the latest events, helpful hints for finding a job, PSAs about City services, restaurant profiles, recycling tips, glimpses into local parks and neighborhoods and more."

TLC Commissioner David Yassky says "it just may be the most fun you’ll ever have in a taxicab!” But don't worry, he is wrong.