Make one man's agonizing career implosion your hilAAAARiously topical Halloween costume with this mask and boxer shorts combo from Ricky's costume superstore! When you ring the doorbell dressed like Anthony Weiner, your sack is sure to spill over with treats. Swing by a party later, and watch everyone go nuts over your doggone costume choice. You'll have a ball—just make sure there aren't any die-hard Weiner fans at the party; they could get a little testy.

Obviously, this isn't the only topical political costume you'll see this year. Expect to see morbidly obese Chris Christie costumes, weeping John Boehners, red-faced Pedro Espadas, and lots of Michelle Bachmann crazy eyes (there's already an iPhone app for that). But it doesn't get much dumber. The boxers with swinging balls can be yours for $19.99, and for an extra $24.99 you get the commemorative limited edition "Weinergate mask." (Pussies not included.) [via Guest of a Guest]