The Wall Street bull, which has been on police-enforced lockdown since the start of Occupy Wall Street—much to the chagrin of tourists and downtown business owners—was released from his shackles this weekend! Alas, the sweet victory was short-lived—about an hour, to be exact.

Police (including the Hipster Cop!) removed the barricades temporarily for a short ceremony to celebrate the bull's 22nd anniversary. Arthur Piccolo of the Bowling Green Association, who's been championing in the "Free the bull" campaign for months, was full of good stuff. First, he complained that bull lockdown was driving tourists away, then he complained that the NYPD was creating a safety hazard by pushing tourists into the street, then he just let it rip: "Cops feel they can do whatever makes sense, [but] this is not a logical decision! This is not being made at the decision-making level that it should be! It’s even more bizarre, it’s wacky stuff! It makes no sense. I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life," he said.

A mysterious source (this guy?) said that the barriers could be permanently removed by next weekend, and once again, pedestrians will be free to spay-paint his balls with funny things.