2007_04_arts_runway4.jpgBlogging Project Runway doesn't stop just because the show isn't airing right now. They have some reports in from the auditions for Season 4, and also point to a clip at MTV. They took the picture at right of Jason (who also auditioned for Season 3) - with one of his creations that he hopes will get him on the show. Did he make it work? We'd have to see it on that crazy model Amanda from Season 3 to be certain.

The NY Times also has an article on Tim Gunn, who has stolen the show from its host - Heidi Klum - from season to season (he's back for another one!). He talks about the challenges of his new job at Liz Claiborne, saying, "It's a huge learning curve for me. I’ve been living in a rarefied bubble, really, for a total of 29 years. Because we were dealing with theory, we could write our own scenarios, where nothing ever fails and nothing is ever lost in the shipping process. It’s a very different universe.” On top of all these jobs, Bravo has reportedly also given him his very own show "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style," though there's no word yet on a premiere date.

Fortune's been talking to Gunn, too, asking about possibly the worst fashion faux pas in history: pleats. Are they necessary? Gunn replies: "No! In fact, I caution men to not go there. It just poofs you out more. It makes you look like you're wearing a diaper." Men, women and aspiring fashion designers around the world, take note.

Gunn will be at Borders (Columbus Circle) on April 24th, where he'll be happy to blanket you with his fashion forward sensibility...and also be happy to sign his new book.

Photo via Blogging Project Runway, more here.