Hey, now - Simon Doonan writes about VPL, a new brand of underwear, that is all about the visible panty line. Doonan explains why VPL has come not a moment too soon:

Anatomically lacerating underwear makes perfect sense in L.A., where young ladies—who are persona non grata unless they self-present like strippers—are rarely called upon to walk further than the length of the Fred Segal parking lot. For skip-along Manhattan career girls, however, the tug-tug-tug of a thong is an elective discomfort akin to being cut in half by a cheese wire. Cut that wire!

That's why Gothamist loves Simon Doonan so much. But thong wearing enthusiasts, don't depair, VPL does have a "compression belt": "It’s just as uncomfortable as a thong, but better designed and more flattering" says VPL co-founder, Jeffrey Costello.

VPL is sold at Louis Boston and Barneys, and clearly, Gothamist will need to investigate.