Photo via Cinta

For the 11th year, Cintas is holding an online competition to find America's Best Restroom. Last year Habana Outpost and Ninja were in the running, but both lost out to The Field Museum in Chicago. This year there's a new contestant repping New York City: Da Marino Ristorante Italiano, on West 49th Street. Here's what the experts say about it (take a shot of Grappa every time they say "Italian"):

"Arguably the main attraaction might be the bathroom, which captures the essence of the Italian Renaissance, rich with its traditions and artistic legacy, all within the four narrow walls of the women's washroom. Guests entering through the hand painted door find a 'miniature Italian sanctuary' on the other side, complete with beautiful stone inlay detail on the walls, authentic Italian art and sculptures. A tranquil running waterfall compliments the soft Italian opera tunes playing in the background. Twinkling colored lights and candles around the room glow in festive red for a fun finish."

Yelp reviewers agree—one was driven into an ALL CAPS frenzy, writing "the MOST GORGEOUS BATHROOM you've ever seen!" Another was flushed with excitement, exclaiming, "Best bathroom in the city!!!! This places gets props for having probably the coolest bathroom I've ever experienced!" Also, famous people have used it. Bring the best bathroom title back to NYC, and vote here! (The Hollywood Bowl in LA, Gitane in SF, and Mie N Yu in D.C. are also in the running.)

Of course, as far as public restrooms go, Bryant Park still has the nicest.