History: making mustaches cool for 150 years! As part of their "The Civil War: 150 Years" anniversary programming, the Smithsonian magazine website is asking readers to vote for their favorite display of Civil War facial hair. "Among the many officers who fought in the U.S. Civil War," they ask, "Who wore their beard, mustache, mutton chops or sideburns the best?"

Take a moment to peruse the multitude of hirsute options, many of whom graduated from West Point, and one of whom in particular ("Unidentified Soldier") we're adopting as our own because he bears a striking resemblance to this one bartender in Williamsburg. Click on any of the solider's headshots to learn more about them (spectacularly groomed Maj. Gen. Ambrose Burnside is actually the namesake for that style of facial hair), and compare the facial hair of 1862 to that of more recent times. Or stay firmly rooted in the past—check out the reenactment celebrations this past weekend at Greenwood Cemetery, and prepare for the annual Civil War Weekend at Governors Island later this summer.

We're torn between wildly mustachioed Alpheus Williams and chopperific Samuel Sprigs Carroll, but cast your own vote now.