Gothamist loves the smell of nominations in the morning. Granted, the nominations for various Best of New York areas went up two days ago, but Gothamist is definitely walking with a spring in our step today. Why? We have been nominated for the Best New York Blog (number 25), in great company alongside 601am, Buzzmachine, Gawker, greg.org, LockhartSteele, low culture, Maud Newton, Memefirst, and TMFML. Yet that doesn't mean we don't want to win: We love our competition, but we love ourselves more. So please vote for Gothamist as the Best New York Blog. Basically, if we're going to lose, we'd like to lose kicking and screaming.

And, if we had the phone numbers of every single person who visited the site, you can be sure Jake or Jen would call. If not to beg for your vote, then to ask you to buy a Gothamist t-shirt.

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