Dead authors and compost go together so poetically don't they? The Brooklyn Paper reports on one woman who thinks so, and she's been placing her unusual compost boxes all around her neighborhood. The first was a Kurt Vonnegut inspired chest on Sacket Street, and soon after the local, Noon Gourfain, announced to the paper that her next was an homage to Edgar Allan Poe—let's hope she buries a fake beating heart in the soil! She explained, “I like what he said about the descent into the maelstrom. I like the idea of linking a dead literary figure to composting.” While vandals knocked over the Vonnegut, other residents are invited to be more productive in their contributions, for example: "toss in shredded paper, banana peels, egg shells or other organic waste. The worms will do the rest." If you'd like to do some of your own indoor composting, here's a tip sheet on how—and if someone could convert dumpsters into gardens and swimming pools that would be super.