Everyone is trying to get to the bottom of David Gest's claims that Liza got stronger when she liquored up. Times reporter Michael Brick takes his assignment seriously and asks the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, a bartender at Russian Samovar, and a country singer in Brooklyn if vodka really can make someone super strong. Bartender Joseph Volovnik says, "It can make you fearless, not stronger. Why not stronger? Well, I'm just a bartender. I would say crazier." Gothamist loves this kind of journalism! And we must get back to the Russian Samovar soon.

Fox 411's Roger Friedman has sources who say David Gest would frequently "for men only" Times Square haunts back in the day, as well as workers in Gest's Upper West Side apartment worker calling him a "screamer." Though Friedman would be inclined to call these scoops, if any of this is a surprise to anyone, Gothamist feels your for naivete and pure heart.