Phantom Manor at Euro Disney; Photo - Ravenswood ManorThis week, Gizmodo blogs live from Euro Disneyland. ("Live, from Marne-la-Vallee!") Gothamist hears that the Phantom Manor is excellent there and in fact, there's a fan page dedicated to it, Ravenswood Manor. At age 3, Gothamist's favorite ride at Disney World was "it's a small world", testing parental patience by insisting to go on it 7 times in one day. Gizmodo, take a ride on "it's a small world" for Gothamist to vicariously walk down memory lane.

Find out more about the finances and operations of Euro Disneyland. What strikes us is that the "Combined General Meeting due to be held on Wednesday March 26, 2003 at 9:30 am, at the Convention Center of the New York Hotel at Disneyland® Resort Paris, has been postponed to a later date" but Mobius Europe 2003 is still happening. You tell 'em, Microsoft.

See Microsoft's information to the tech bloggers about the trip here, via Russell Beattie.

Here are some boutiques Gizmodo may be frequenting for souvenirs.