07-Bruges-portrait_sm.jpgBritish light artist Jason Bruges unveiled his new, interactive installation at the Center for Architecture last night. Titled "Visual Echo," the installation translates the colors of viewers' clothing into a luminous LED river of light that winds a course around the floor and walls. Paired with free martinis, this meant big fun for all.

The artist (pictured right) told Gothamist, "I've supersaturated the colors so they're a bit over the top, so it works well in this environment." Visual Echo is derived from an installation held at the Victoria & Albert Museum in 2006, but was customized for the Center for Architecture's street-level gallery at 536 LaGuardia Place.

07_Bruges_cam.jpgA video camera mounted at knee level (pictured left) is the little despot that determines which colors in the gallery are picked up and sent along the glowing ribbon. It will remain open to the public through March 10.

Bruges is known in the UK for his eye-catching lighting installations in urban public spaces as well as hotels, cafes, offices and galleries. What is the unifying theme of his work? The short answer: "I have a big interest in improving environments," he says.

For more information, check out the Center for Architecture's website