Looking for an end of summer day trip? We suggest avoiding the Bronx Swamp, which Nate Kensinger described as a "flooded railroad line below the streets of Mott Haven" that is home to birds, rats, raccoons, mosquitos and maybe a dead body or two. Even though it's acknowledged as a health risk, and the Department of Health & Mental Hygiene sprays it regularly "with larvacide to curb the spread of mosquitos potentially infected with the West Nile Virus," the photographer still made a journey out there.

Apparently the swamp is set to be drained of its stagnant bright green water as part of a "major cleanup." City Room recently noted that the action is taking place after "neighborhood residents raised concerns about odor, accumulation of garbage and refuse, and a presence of standing water that is conducive to the breeding of mosquitoes and other pests, and rats. The city will seek to hold the owners of the swamp, which sits on private property, responsible for the cost of the cleanup.”