Portal coming soon. (Courtesy of Brooklyn Bridge Park)

Making its first appearance in North America this year is Anish Kapoor's "most viscerally arresting installation" called "Descension." The piece looks like a portal to another dimension and if you stare at it long enough it may just offer a sweet, dark daydream escape from life in Trump's America.

The installation will be in Brooklyn Bridge Park from May 3rd through September 10th, and comes by way to the Public Art Fund; their chief curator, Nicholas Baume, had this to say about the piece: "[Kapoor] creates an active object that resonates with changes in our understanding and experience of the world... [he] is interested in what we don’t know rather than in what we do, understanding that the limit of perception is also the threshold of human imagination.”

You'll be able to find it, come May, in the Park's Pier 1 area—just look for the massive, 26-feet in diameter continuously spiraling funnel of dark water.

The Public Art Fund is turning 40 years old this year, and you can learn more about the process of bringing specific public art pieces to NYC right here. [h/t Curbed]