Holy Crap! The Virtual LES launched! Words cannot describe, friends (speaking of which, let's be BFFs!). Clearly this is not meant for people who actually frequent the actual Lower East Side, but rather the people who read their blogs. Seeing all the places in creepy second life 3-D is pure Twilight Zone stuff. Highlights so far, while briefly browsing around the site are that you can shop at the Virtual American Apparel, attend virtual gigs like Leo Fitzpatrick DJing at the Virtual Darkroom and Against Me! playing the Virtual Cake Shop (so there, btw.) Best might be the descriptions of the clubs on this page. In particular, "Max Fish is to Lower East Side bars what the Smithsonian Institute is to American museums." Classic.

Anyway, this is gonna be really fun to play around with for at least the next few days, and maybe a whole lot longer. Depends on how you feel about videogames and instant nostalgia, we suppose. We haven't had too much time to poke about yet, but we're extra excited to make every joke we made between 1999 and 2005, add the word 'virtual' in front, and get one last laugh. Now, excuse us while we go blow virtual lines off the virtual Darkroom toilet seat.