One could say at this point that the music industry is like a child in a swimming pool, flailing its arms wildly while wearing goggles so tight and fogged up that it's reduced to unearthly shrieks while gulping down and regurgitating mouthfuls of urine-saturated water. But according to a profile piece in the Times, vinyl and turntable sales are thriving, the proverbial upper arm floating devices that...well, it's not going to save you from drowning, but it'll keep you above water a little longer.

It's well and good to mark the trends between the floundering industry and the resurgence of niche marketing and products in the wake of vast and constant technological flux, but it's another thing to then try to give that credit to video games. They let Andre Sam, a sales representative at Best Buy, make the argument for them: "He suggested that video games deserved some credit for the resurgence of interest in vinyl albums and turntables. Popular games like Guitar Hero and Rockband have introduced young customers to classic rock and pop artists like the Beatles and Metallica, while DJ Hero has inspired some to try their hands at mixing music for real." But are the kids who are playing Rockband really the same ones spurring on this resurgence, buying vinyl at places like Other Music and Earwax?