A group of costume-clad commuters will turn a subway ride into a subterranean soiree. The tour guides from Levys' Unique New York will host a free, unsanctioned "Vintage Tea Party" on an antique subway train where costumed straphangers can sip tea, dine on dainty cookies, and enjoy "everything else you'd expect from a late-19th century parlor-room drama," according to organizers.

The group's second-ever "Vintage Tea Party" (the first one took place in 2004) will take place on the so-called nostalgia train — a special train of antique cars that runs on Sundays throughout the month. If you're interested in attending, bring your old-timey garb and $2.25 subway fare to the Second Avenue/Lower East Side station on Sunday, Dec. 13, at 2 pm and look for similarly vintage-clad party-goers waiting on the uptown platform. Participants will ride the V train (apparently, for vintage) to Queens and back. Revelers are encouraged to bring tea and snacks for sharing, though MTA policy doesn't officially allow open containers of any liquid.

The Daily News and MSNBC have stories about the "Vintage Tea Party," both illustrated with an excellent, though uncredited photograph. (The Daily News has now added a credit)