Last month, James Franco was at the 92nd Street Y discussing his portrayal of Allen Ginsberg in the movie Howl, and how he developed his voice for the part. Now the 92Y has an mp3 of Ginsberg himself reading “Mind Breaths” during a 1977 appearance there. They say the poem was inspired by his study of samatha meditation, which Ginsberg has said "is paying attention to the breath leaving the nostril and dissolving into the space in front of the face. There is constant daydreaming and drifting away from that attention to the space."

Since there was no YouTube back then, audio will have to do—you can listen to the poem here, or below (and 42 more minutes here).

Elsewhere, BoingBoing recently posted an exerpt from White Hand Society: The Psychedelic Partnership of Timothy Leary and Allen Ginsberg, regarding that time "'the world's most famous bohemian' sat down at a kitchen table in 1960 and made plans to launch a spiritual psychedelic revolution."