2006_04_arts_vid.jpgWe came across a new video blog called Vidocity recently, all about New York. The front page features a perky anchorwoman sitting in front of a somewhat contrived array of New Yorkish paraphernalia: The Daily News, NY stickers, Village People poster, Warhol painting. Once you are done watching the feature, you click to go inside to find the weeks stories (all on video).

The site is new, so the archives don't feature much yet, but it's worth checking out, espeically if you're visiting the city. With stories on clubs that have "Sex and the City weekly parties" and reviews of Cafeteria (which they explain was "made famous when the characters on Sex and the City ate there")...and the word "upscale" used a lot...the site seems to be aimed towards the tourist set. Certainly a cool idea, and we found some of the clips pretty fun, especially the Russian and Turkish Baths clip, since we've been meaning to there for a while now.