The best part of Mayor Bloomberg's many, many press conferences during Hurricane Sandy wasn't his Spanish recaps or Ray Kelly's turtleneck ensembles—it was Lydia Callis, the American Sign Language translator who genuinely kept us engaged during Bloomberg's droll recaps. You wouldn't think you'd need such a presence at a festival like this past weekend's Bonnaroo, especially not with dynamic performers such as the Wu-Tang Clan and R Kelly. And yet, the talk of the Internet this week is none other than mysterious ASL translator Holly, whose joie de vivre stole the show, as you can see in the videos below.

In addition to the Wu-Tang and R Kelly sets, Stereogum adds that she "didn't just sign every word, but put back into it. In fact, Matt & Kim called her onstage during their set, and she was a game participant, satisfying Kim's request she demonstrate the signs for 'pussy,' 'vagina' (note: same sign!), and 'Bonnaroo.'" We only wish we could have seen her pull off the toot toots and beep beeps of "Ignition (Remix)" in person.