Remember when New York City was the dark epicenter of the country's fear complex, a bustling town where people stayed as busy as possible to keep the knowledge that their lives and the future of this country could be forever changed in an instant? Yes, that was so long ago! The Bowery Boys have uncovered some superb footage from the 50's showing the city empty out for an air raid drill, demonstrating the proper "duck and cover" technique, and sure-fire tips on spotting a Communist.

This New York Civil Defense drill shows how New Yorkers ran for cover and cleared the streets when the sirens hit, a technique that would prove beneficial many years later when Cameron Crowe would shoot Vanilla Sky.

Let Bert the Turtle show you and the children of P.S. 152 the proper way to avoid radiation poisoning and absolute annihilation by squatting on the ground.

Based on the criteria espoused in this anti-communist propaganda, at least 87% of people on the subway are Reds. (Shoe-licking Reds, no less!)

You can check out a few more of the videos over at The Bowery Boys' history site.