Saturday Night Live always likes to pull out all the stops for their end-of-year Christmas episode, whether that means bringing back former cast members to host, an increase in holiday singing/dancing sketches, or inviting Paul McCartney to perform. SNL did all that last night for their festive final show of 2015, with cohosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler singing Christmas jingles, reviving beloved impressions, and even dragging McCartney onstage for the evening's finale.

Things started off rough with the political Cold Open, a GOP debate sketch which was completely forgettable, like most of the political cold opens in recent years. Having said that, this one improved on previous such debate sketches by letting Darrell Hammond portray Trump (Taran Killam, whose Trump impression never really found a focus, is now playing Ted Cruz); also, Beck Bennett has started getting a hold on Jeb Bush, and Bobby Moynihan did a great job as Christie (Bon Jovi quotes and all).

The episode took off once Fey & Poehler started speaking in unison about finishing each other's Human Centipedes with the Christmas-themed Monologue. Often there are issues with certain hosts who disappear from the episode after the Monologue, but the opposite was true here—if anything, the rest of the cast seemed to recede into the background as Fey & Poehler dominated every sketch, and even brought out the much-missed Maya Rudolph to join them for two sketches late in the episode (the just okay variety show spoof Special Offer and her classic sketch with Poehler, Bronx Beat).

Of course, Kate McKinnon was incredible as present day Hillary Clinton in the excellent sketch A Hillary Christmas. The best sketch of the evening by far was Meet Your Second Wife, in which men were introduced to the (very) young women who would one day be their second wives. The other major sketch highlight was the Taylor Swift "Bad Blood" video parody Dope Squad, which also included a cameo by Amy Schumer.

The rest of the episode didn't quite live up to those heights: Hoverboards was a solid commercial that didn't quite reach any big punchline, and Movie Set With Tina Fey & Amy Poehler was a good excuse for the hosts to make very silly faces, but it made me long for Kenan Thompson's much funnier "Cinema Classic" host Reese De'What.

Weekend Update was probably the most disappointing part of the episode, mostly because Fey and Poehler only got to deliver the last two jokes of the segment when they clearly should have done the whole thing this week. We did enjoy Colin Jost's digs at Martin Shkreli though.

Perhaps the most wonderful part of the night came during the closing minutes, when Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band came on for a third song (after excellent earlier renditions of "Meet Me In The City" and "The Ties That Bind"), their classic take on "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town." Paul McCartney showed up out of nowhere and jumped on stage to help Fey, Poehler and Rudolph on sleigh bells. The look on Vanessa Bayer's face alone was worth admission.

And that's it for 2015! SNL returns on January 16th with host Adam Driver.