Eggnog aside, the holiday season is nothing without The Great Holiday TV Special, where networks do battle with one another over who can put their sitcom characters at funniest/teariest/crankiest/most memorable Thanksgiving table. And of course, plenty of New York-based shows have celebrated Thanksgiving in their (perhaps unreasonably-large) apartments. Here are a few of our old-school favorites:

Diff'rent Strokes: Thanksgiving Crossover Parts 1 & 2

Arnold (RIP), Willis and co. celebrate Thanksgiving with Mr. Drummond's old buddy, Larry Alder (McLean Stevenson). Pint-sized hilarity and hijinks ensue in this two-part episode.

Friends: The One With the Rumor

Before Brad Pitt turned to Chanel No. 5 to feed his small army of children, he and Jennifer Aniston were an adorable blonde It-couple, and he guest-starred on one of the best Friends episodes ever as a fervent founding member of the I Hate Rachel club. The episode's a little sad now that these star-crossed lovers have split, but it's still pretty funny to watch Brad eat his feelings in yams.

Seinfeld: The Butter Shave

This is actually not a Thanksgiving special, but it is fowl-themed, so we'll let that slide. Kramer starts switching shaving cream out for butter, and a hungry Newman starts hallucinating that he's a turkey. Show this clip to a small child, and it might scare them into vegetarianism for life.

The Cosby Show: Cliff's Wet Adventure

Everyone's worst nightmare: Clair Huxtable keeps sending Cliff and his sweaters out to get groceries on rainy Thanksgiving Day to feed a whole bunch of surprise guests. We've never been able to get more than bodega ramen on Thanksgiving, so kudos to Cliff for pulling off 24 lbs of turkey.

All in the Family: The Little Atheist

Archie Bunker gets mad when hippie son-in-law Mike threatens to raise his future child as gasp! an atheist. To be fair, it's pretty much like every family Thanksgiving we've ever had.

And, while it's no TV show, here's a scene from the single greatest Thanksgiving movie of all time:

There you have it, folks. Stay tuned for next year's roundup, where hopefully we can reflect on a Girls episode in which Hannah and co. hijack Jive Turkey.