Samantha Bee wasn't the only comedian to find verifiable joy in the Trump dossier, which includes unverified allegations that Russia has compiled a blackmail kit on the President-elect. The other late night comedians found laughter (and also some serious ethical problems) with the claims that Trump hired Russian prostitutes to pee on the hotel bed where the Obamas had once stayed. But no one was able to squeeze more puns out of Pissghazi than Stephen Colbert, who dove into the #1 detail from the report.

"I think this is just an unfortunate leak," he said, "that’s making a huge mess. And I know I’m being a wet blanket, but reporting on this is the worst kind of yellow journalism. And even though jokes about this story are a golden opportunity, I just, I won’t do it! Not to say the story didn't make a huge splash—it did. It flooded Twitter. We'll keep you up-to-date as facts trickle in."

Seth Meyers had some problems with BuzzFeed leaking the full report without any evidence to back it up: "Look, nobody wants to believe that Trump paid Russian hookers to pee all over a bed more than I do, but there is zero proof that happened," he said. "Plus, I find it hard to believe that Trump actually paid somebody for services rendered. In all seriousness, I haven’t been this shocked by BuzzFeed since their quiz told me I was a Carrie when I am so obviously a Miranda."

However, he ultimately decided that the person most at blame for stories like this is none other than Trump himself, who built his political career spreading a false and outrageous claim about President Obama's birthplace. "So when you hear Kellyanne Conway dismiss these allegations as ‘nonsense from the internet,’ you may think that’s a good defense, or you may also remember the times Trump said stuff like this," Meyers said before showing a clip of Trump urging his followers to "forget the press [and] read the internet."

"So basically Trump has made his own bed and now he’s peeing in it," Meyers added.

Trevor Noah at The Daily Show was mostly concerned with how Trump was using this opportunity to delegitimize real news sources, as when he shouted down at a CNN reporter during his press conference Wednesday.

"You realize this is essentially the first step in the authoritarian tango,” Noah said. "That’s what you do. You shut down one news organization by alleging that it’s all fake. And then if you get away with it, you can shut down another news network, and another news network, shut them down, shut them down."