Yesterday, we highlighted our 20 favorite digital shorts from the past season of Saturday Night Live. While the show has started to excel with its pre-taped segments, the regular old live sketches could be pretty rough at times during season 39—unless you're the kind that finds the concept of Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone on camels tossing stilted one-liners back and forth hilarious.

Nevertheless, there were still several standout sketches this year—a mix of the extremely surreal (Romantic Comedy, Halloween Candy) and charming (Baby It's Cold Outside, French Dance), along with recurring characters (Former Porn Stars, Mornin' Miami) and inspired one-offs (Black Jeopardy, Blue River Dog Food).

Honorable mentions go to: Bill Brasky (Paul Rudd), Sheila Kelly (Melissa McCarthy), 4th Grade Talent Show (Lady Gaga), Dance of the Snowflakes (John Goodman), Possum Hunters (Edward Norton), Kerry Washington's Cold Open, and (though not technically a sketch) Louis C.K.'s stand-up during his monologue.

Check out our 15 favorite live sketches from this season below:

Former Porn Stars "Manolo Blahnik" (Tina Fey):

(They also appeared two more times this season, in Jonah Hill's episode and Andy Samberg's)

Mornin' Miami (Miley Cyrus):

(This sketch came back in Drake's episode, and was unaired in Charlize Theron's episode)

Halloween Candy (Edward Norton):

How's He Doing? (Kerry Washington):

Office Boss (Josh Hutcherson):

(This sketch returned for a much less memorable appearance in Louis C.K.'s episode)

Last Call (John Goodman):

Baby It's Cold Outside (Jimmy Fallon):

Women's Group (Melissa McCarthy):

What Are You Even Doing (Lena Dunham):

Black Jeopardy (Louis C.K.):

Romantic Comedy (Louis C.K.):

French Dance (Anna Kendrick) (which is, frustratingly, not available online now)

Blue River Dog Food (Seth Rogen):

Bikini Beach Party (Charlize Theron):

Pet Rescue Commercial (Charlize Theron):

And to make up for the lack of French dancing, here's a lot of kissing (Andy Samberg):