It was a mixed season (at best) for Saturday Night Live, with more than a couple complete dud episodes (Vince Vaughn, Daniel Craig, Jeremy Renner, Justin Bieber) along with a lot of highly disappointing ones (Kristen Wiig, Jennifer Lawrence, Christina Applegate). But even when the writing on the sketches seemed to drag through one-note premises and regurgitated Californians, SNL never lost a step with their commercial parodies.

Often times, these sketches were highlights of the evening (the Mother's Day one from Wiig's episode, Z-Shirts from Kevin Hart's episode); sometimes they even dominated the show (there were three high quality ones in Joseph Gordon-Levitt's episode). Click through above to see our 13 favorite from the past season. For more SNL fun, check out our top 10 favorite sketches from the 2012/2013 season, and 12 more great runners-up.