We've already run down our 20 favorite digital shorts and 15 favorite live sketches from this past season of Saturday Night Live. Which only leaves one thing: Weekend Update.

Seth Meyers left some pretty big shoes to fill when he bid adieu to the program in February to take over The Late Show from Jimmy Fallon; his replacement, head writer Colin Jost, has been a work in progress, to put it gently. Despite he and co-host Cecily Strong still working out the kinks of their desk duties, the guests this season have been uniformly strong. Below, check out our ten favorites (plus one bonus guest).

Jebediah Atkinson: Jebediah, an 1860s newspaper critic who has only negative opinions about things, has become the most popular new character on the show this season by far. The character was inspired by a real life incident in 2013, when the newspaper The Patriot & Union retracted a scathing review of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address to mark the 150th anniversary of the speech (the real Jebediah, however, was named Oramel Barrett). He was such an immediate hit after debuting during the Lady Gaga episode in the fall, he appeared three more times this season in Paul Rudd, Jim Parsons and Andrew Garfield's episodes.

Drunk Uncle: Drunk Uncle, written by start Bobby Moyniham and Colin Jost, has been around for three seasons now, and turned into arguably the most reliably hilarious Weekend Update guest the show has had since Stefon/Bill Hader left. He appeared three times this season, including once with Aaron Paul (as Meth Nephew) in the Tina Fey episode, and in the Charlize Theron episode. His best ever apperance remains last season's team-up with Peter Drunklage, but our favorite this season would have to be with John Goodman as Drunker Uncle: "All I want for Christmas...is for my two neighbors not to be Chinese anymore."

Jacob The Bar Mitzvah Boy: Jacob has made seven appearances since 2011, including three this season: in the Miley Cyrus, Paul Rudd, and Seth Rogen episodes. Vanessa Bayer is always sweetly hilarious as the character, but unlike Drunk Uncle—who has started bringing his equally inebriated family members along with him to expand the bit—Jacob largely hits the same notes every time. His last appearance playing off of Cecily Strong showed a lot of promise for the future though.

Olya Povlatsky: Kate McKinnon first debuted Olya last season, and she made two more hilarious appearances this year, in the Jonah Hill and Andrew Garfield episodes. "How did the Olympics pick Russia? What was the other options, Haiti or the middle of the ocean?"

Bruce Chandling: Secretly depressed veteran stand-up comedian Bruce Chandling has been a Kyle Mooney character for years now, but he made his SNL debut in the first episode of season 39—and his funniest appearance came in the final episode of the season.

Seth Meyers: Things got a little emotional when Stefan, Amy Poheler and Andy Samberg all stopped by to bid farewell to Meyers in February.

Nicolas Cage: The best part of Andy Samberg's first time back hosting the show in the season finale was the return of Cage.

Breaking Nudes: While not officially a guest, this brief gag in the Charlize Theron episode was one of the best things Jost has brought to Weekend Update so far (skip to the 5 minute mark in video below). We hope to see a lot more of his impish humor come out next season if he remains behind the desk.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Merkel made two appearances this season, in the Kerry Washington and Anna Kendrick episodes. The Toast has a deep breakdown of what makes the impression so perfect.

Second-Hand News Correspondent Anthon Crispino: I'm not sure if anyone loves Crispino as much as I do, who has appeared at least nine times since 2010, including the Edward Norton episode this season. But how can you dislike someone with such a wind-swept mullet and high vocal range?

And finally, he maybe wasn't the best guest, but Mayor Bloomberg certainly was a memorable one in the Jimmy Fallon episode: