Over the weekend Sting turned 60 years olds, and on the eve of his birthday, he took the stage at Beacon Theatre for a birthday concert and benefit for the Robin Hood Foundation. Joining him were the likes of Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Lady Gaga, and Robert Downey, Jr., amongst others.

Rolling Stone reported back from the star-studded charity event, noting The Boss's closing words to his pal: "I've known Sting for about 25 years. But our friendship is a little unusual, because every time I read about Sting in a magazine, I don't recognize him. I've read, 'Sting can make love for 29 hours.' I wonder why he never mentioned that to me. After four hours now, you're supposed to seek medical attention… Anyway, stay hard brother, stay hard."

At the end of the night, Sting was joined by everyone for an all-star rendition of "Every Breath You Take." After that... Lady Gaga hugged and kissed all the NYPD officers outside the venue.

Recently Sting discussed turning 60, saying, "I've always been a bit saturnine, a serious person. An older person than I was in years. Perhaps that's why I'm not feeling particularly strange about reaching 60." And the number isn't slowing him down, either—"His next original project will be a stage musical, The Last Ship, scheduled for a reading in New York in October."