Stephen Colbert was understandably nervous before the premiere of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night, but not just because he was returning to television for the first time in nine months on a much larger national stage. As he told the audience during his monologue last night, there were major technical difficulties that almost kept the episode off-air. As of 11:20 p.m. Tuesday, Colbert still wasn't sure if the episode would be up.

"After CBS had plastered my face on nearly every flat surface on the planet…after all that, maybe we wouldn’t go on the air," Colbert said. "If we actually make it to air, this will be a pretty good story. And if we don’t, it’ll still be a very interesting story at the theater camp I will be running in Idaho!" Watch it below.

Thankfully, everything did work out, and Colbert carried over his opening night energy into his second episode, which included the premiere of two new (presumably) recurring segments, including "Big Furry Hat." In that sketch, Colbert offers new rules for society (late night hosts are the new world leaders after all), including, "Those who are playing guitars in music instrument stores shall cease playing guitars in music instrument stores."

The other standout new segment was "Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars." After a surprisingly awkward interview with Scarlett Johansson (Did you know she just flew in from Paris for this interview? If you watched it, you definitely do), the two sat down on a blanket in the grass, gazed up at the night sky, and asked each other important questions, like “Would you rather have feet for hands or hands for feet?"

The other big highlights: Colbert asked second guest Elon Musk whether he's trying to improve the world or if he’s actually a supervillain. "Everything I say seems to be insulting you," Colbert noted at one point.

And Kendrick Lamar put on an absolutely riveting performance of a medley of tunes from To Pimp A Butterfly, including "Wesley's Theory", "Momma", "King Kunta", and "u". Don't miss out on it: