As the Trump administration badly bungles the response to the coronavirus pandemic, New Yorkers have instead turned to Governor Andrew Cuomo for leadership during this crisis. His daily press briefings, personal comments, and "calm, steady and confident hand" leading the state has been a balm for many. But some people's appreciation of Cuomo “has recently gone to a really weird place,” according to Stephen Colbert.

In terms of the plethora of positive and even adoring articles about Cuomo, Colbert said, “It’s okay, these feelings are perfectly natural. Many Americans experience moments of being at least Andrew-curious, if not fully Cuomo-sexual.” But there was one story which he thinks went too far: “I’m quite surprised this is an actual headline — people are asking, ‘Pierced or not? The mystery over New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s nipples,'” he said, calling it a "classic nipple mystery, just like Man-Boob on the Orient Express or The Talented Mr. Nippley.”

"I promise I'm not making this up. I wish I was," he added. Watch the segment below.

Seth Meyers devoted his latest quarantine edition of "A Closer Look" to how Trump and his allies are trying to memory-hole their early dismissal of the coronavirus outbreak. "The lie that the coronavirus is just like the flu did obvious damage," Meyers said. "Do you know how many people heard that and then repeated it? Even if you hated Donald Trump and knew not to trust a word he said, everyone had that one friend or relative on the text chain who said, 'Y'know, it's not going to be so bad! It's gonna be like the flu!'"

Jimmy Fallon interviewed Vice President Joe Biden about campaigning through quarantine and how the Trump administration is handling the coronavirus pandemic—but the best Fallon segment this week came when he and his wife Nancy Juvonen went on a walk around their home and reminisced about how they met and their love story. “We got to flirt and hang out and get to know each other without having to go on a date or anything like that,” Juvonen said. “For months we got to just be pals and have crushes, which is so hard and so fun. It shouldn’t just be limited to high school.”

Trevor Noah picked up on Trump's newly sober tone on The Daily Show: "He came out yesterday and acted for the first time ever like he had also been reading the news," he said. "Goddamn. Donald Trump, for the first time, at least sounds like he's afraid of this virus. And if he's taking it seriously, then we should be really scared. Because this guy takes nothing seriously. This is the same dude who stared at an eclipse like it was a magic eye painting. The same dude who sang 'Hakuna Matata' when he assassinated a general in Iran. The same dude who responded to a hurricane with a paper towel three point contest."

Samantha Bee talked about how coronavirus is "affecting the ladies"—specifically, the imbalance of roles between men and women in the household, and how women are on the frontlines of the battle. “For starters, women are more likely than men to have jobs that put them at greater risk of infection, like cashiers, pharmacy workers and flight attendants.” She added, “Flight attendants have a difficult job in the best of circumstances. But right now the only people flying are doctors, scientists and one full idiot who’s refusing to cancel his bachelor party.”

And Conan O'Brien interviewed Jesse Eisenberg (who is social distancing from an RV), and showed off what he's been baking to keep himself sane.