Presumptive President Donald John "Donald 'Trumpy' Trump" Trump got himself into some hot water with the Liberal Media this weekend when he went on a verbal rampage, shouting at every camera he could about how he witnessed people cheering in New Jersey on 9/11. Despite this being a long-debunked internet rumor that was subsequently re-debunked by every credible newspaper in the country, Trump has stuck to his guns.

Thankfully, Stephen Colbert believes him, and with good reason: "He can't remember where he saw the video, but he can remember that he has the world's greatest memory," Colbert said, praising Trump for his ability to see into the future (by using his fifth sense to read newspapers and see TVs). Watch Colbert try to unlock his own superpowers below.

Seth Meyers also took some time to address Trump's "false claims," addressing both the 9/11 bullshit and also Trump retweeting anti-black propaganda. "When confronted by his lies, he doubles down," Meyers said. "And much like the KFC Double Down, each one is getting harder to digest."