The Amazing Spider-Man 2: I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer has been filming all around the city in recent weeks, inspiring Rhino fanfiction and Passover ire. But even a friendly neighborhood webcrawler needs a break sometimes—which is what led to actor Andrew Garfield playing basketball with some local kids at PS 1 school in Chinatown. And he did it all IN COSTUME as Spider-Man, as you can see in the videos below. Turns out that this Spider-Man has a pretty nifty crossover dribble! You'll never see Tobey Maguire with skills like this.

Emma Stone was there with her dog watching by the side (and Dennis Leary was also there reportedly). Redditor Qspnest had this account of what happened:

I was one of the guys playing basketball on the far left side of the court. The movie guys were filming the same scenes of Spiderman on the front of an NYPD emergency vehicle driving down Madison Street. Garfield started playing ball with the kids when it started drizzling and they stopped shooting for safety reasons. Funny thing is that it continued to drizzle and they decided to resume filming and on one of the next takes Garfield slips and hurts himself and they had to take a long break.