Recently we revisited Pearl Jam's entire 1991 in-store set from a Yonkers, NY Tower Records.... now let's take a look back at other musicians who performed Tower stores all around the world, before the retailer shuttered. Below you'll find over two hours of performances, from Liz Phair to Sonic Youth to Jeff Buckley to John Mayer (sorry about that one):

This LIZ PHAIR performance took place in October of 2003 at the Sherman Oaks, California Tower Records:

SONIC YOUTH at a Tower Records parking lot in 1990:

SLEATER KINNEY at a New York City Tower Records in 1998:

MADONNA in 2003, forgetting the words to "Like A Virgin":

BON JOVI at a Glasgow Tower Records in 1995:

DURAN DURAN performing "Rio" at a Tower Records in 1993:


TOAD THE WET SPROCKET performed at the Tower Records in Philly in April of 1992:

Recently we watched the entire PEARL JAM in-store set from Yonkers, NY—but they also played the Tower Records in Rockville, Maryland in 1991:

JEFF BUCKLEY performed an hour long set at a Tower Records in California in 1995:

NEW YORK DOLLS played a little past their prime, in 2006:

A young JOHN MAYER dropped some acoustic at the store in 2001 (please note we never called this a "best of" post):

ERASURE at a New York City Tower Records in 1997:

And JOHN LENNON was a big fan: