NYC has its fair share of hidden singing talent, tucked away inside subway construction workers, operatic bus drivers, and Williamsburg Subaru Dudes. And now we can add John Maldonado, a janitor in a Harlem apartment building, to their ranks: "I sing for my friends, but I never really pursued it," he told WPIX. "Secretly I always wanted to be a singer but I've always been nervous."

As you can hear from some of the clips below, all taken from Maldonado's own YouTube channel Mop4aMic, he has nothing to be nervous about, except getting used to strangers loving his voice:

Maldonado, who is originally from Brooklyn, says he gets lots of encouragement from the tenants at the Lenox Avenue residential building where he works. "He has such an amazing voice. It's a blessing to hear that type of music — to hear that voice in the morning when you wake up," tenant Cora Heckstall said.

You can see an interview with Maldonado below.