For the first time in years, we were actively anticipating this week's new episode of Saturday Night Live—and while it wasn't perfect, it included some of the best things we've seen on SNL ever. And a lot of that was thanks to host Louis C.K., who absolutely killed it with his monologue (he actually told jokes!), and especially, the brilliant sketch Lincoln, a spoof on his show Louie: "I just kinda think that owning a person is not cool, you stupid dick."

The cold open, as expected, was a spoof on Mayor Bloomberg's Hurricane Sandy press conferences (which included Lydia Callis, as well as Chris Christie and his own Jersey translator). Click through for those sketches, plus Mitt Romney's desperate Weekend Update plea for votes ("I'd there's anything people should know about Mitt Romney at this point, it's that nothing I've said in the past should be any indication of my positions in the future"), Donald Trump on "Fox and Friends," a very gross make-out session, and music from the band fun.