Jeremy Renner was the host on last night's Saturday Night Live, but the two stars of the show were the ongoing Petraeus scandal and NJ Gov. Chris Christie. SNL devoted no less than three segments to Petraeus: the cold open was Paula Broadwell reading excerpts from her 50 Shades-esque book, Wolf Blitzer kept playing the same clip of Jill Kelley over and over, and Seth Meyers broke down the winners and losers: “Sex scandals are like Jewish New Yorkers. Eventually they all make their way to Florida.”

Christie dropped by Weekend Update to give a Sandy relief update, chide Meyers for being such a Seth Meyers, and quote NJ saint Bruce Springsteen. Click through to check out all those sketches, as well as an Avengers spoof, "The Californians" Thanksgiving celebration, a very long stand off digital short, Maroon 5 and more.