Saturday Night Live has been having a markedly better season this year than last, which was to be expected having brought on so many new faces in one fell swoop last year. The cast has really been gelling since the excellent Woody Harrelson episode a few weeks ago—and one of the unexpected pleasures is that there has been a treasure trove of unaired, cut-for-time sketches thrown online in recent weeks. In fact, two of the best sketches of the entire season were cut from last week's James Franco episode. Below watch our favorite, a parody of those old VH1 lists, featuring all your favorite talking heads, from wrestler Rob Savin to actor Robert Bona.

How did this pitch perfect two-and-a-half minute parody not make it to air while the god awful Magic Bridge did?!? There were only two other pre-recorded segments that night—a Star Wars trailer short and the fantastic Mike O'Brien-helmed Grow A Guy. As with The Sopranos high school parody from a few years ago, SNL often finds gold when they dip into older parodies and aren't just chasing after the zeitgeist.

But then again, they're even getting a bit better at the current stuff: below, watch the other excellent, uncomfortable sketch which didn't make it to air last week, all about Ferguson from the perspective of a local St. Louis news station.