Seth Meyers returned from his extended Thanksgiving break last night and jumped right back into the swing of things with a new Closer Look segment focusing on some of the highlights of Donald Trump's last week, including false claims of voter fraud, general denial of basic facts, and his insensitive handling of foreign policy. "In a little over a month, Trump will be in charge of our relationships with the rest of the world, and when you're dealing with major foreign powers in conflicts in unstable regions, facts really do matter, whether you believe in them or not," Meyers said.

Trevor Noah, who finally went viral last week when he debated conservative commentator Tomi Lahren, picked up on Trump's tweeting addiction, casting blame on those around him for enabling his worst behavior: "They know what he's doing, they know when he's doing something wrong," he said. "Here's my view: a drunk is a drunk, but the person who encourages him to drive? That's an asshole. And Trump has a lot of assholes around him."

And Stephen Colbert also looked at Trump's foreign policy blunders from the weekend, including Trump's phone call with the prime minster of Taiwan. "Since they both speak Chinese, maybe Trump didn't know which nation was which," Colbert said. "So here's an easy way for Donald Trump to remember which China we talk to: sir, it's the one where they make your ties."