There are only so many filthy rich people in America, but it seems like the richest of the rich keep landing sweet cabinet positions in Trump's administration. Seth Meyers took a closer look at the cabinet of deplorables, which includes Secretary of State pick and Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson ("I guess when they drained that swamp there was oil at the bottom"), National Intelligence candidate Carly Fiorina, Energy Secretary pick Rick Perry (wears glasses), Treasury Secretary pick and former Goldman Sach banker Steven Mnuchin (remember when Trump railed against other candidates for being controlled by Goldman?), and of course, Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. CEO Andrew Puzder, the nominee for Labor Secretary who wants to replace human workers with machines and is really, really passionate about women in bikinis eating burgers.

Come for the political commentary, stay for the clip of Trump impersonating himself and then hanging out with a dumbfounded Grimace: "Trump's own imitation of himself makes himself sound like a hungry Grimace, but for money," Meyers said.

Over at The Daily Show, Trevor Noah focused on Tillerson in particular. And while he has plenty of criticisms over Tillerson's close ties to Russia ("You know your country's hardcore when friendship gets a medal"), he did applaud Trump's honesty about his priorities: "Instead of acting like oil is an added bonus of being overseas, why not let the number one oil executive run your foreign policy?" Noah said, sardonically praising Trump for “cutting out the middleman...Even the rainforest is like, 'Hey, at least he’s honest!'"