Pundits have been torn on the Donald Trump/Hamilton feud which dominated the news cycle this weekend: was it a purposeful distraction from Trump's real scandals (including the Trump University fraud settlement, his conflict-of-interest business dealings while President-elect, and selections of racists and Satan-lovers to his cabinet), or an important gesture packed with big, ominous meaning? Seth Meyers came down on the former side, calling it "a distraction from a far bigger story...that will one day be told in the hit Donald Trump musical, Scamilton."

"You may recall that a common criticism of the Clintons was how they enriched themselves financially after leaving office," he said. "Well, Trump is proving yet again that he is the anti-Clinton by enriching himself before he takes office." Check it out below.

After tackling the Trump University settlement, Stephen Colbert also got into the Hamilton incident, and seemed to take it a bit more seriously—especially the terrors of the theater: "First of all, Mr. Trump, the only president who gets to complain about the theater is Lincoln," he said. "Second, I don’t know where you got this idea that the theater is safe. I’ve seen Cats. You think you’re safe, but then all the cat people start coming off the stage and try to sit in your lap and crawl up the walls! President Trump: Build the Fourth Wall!"

Colbert then premiered his own hip-hop musical take on the incident to teach future generations about the feud: "How does an orange bully, son of a bitch and a con man/ grabbing pussy with Gary Busey, no taxes evident/ grow up to be a hero and the president?"