Saturday Night Live bursted out of the gate last night with a very strong cold open on the Vice Presidential debate. Between "Big Daddy Joe" Biden explaining the difference between “gym strong and old-man strong" and Ryan getting a visit from Usain Bolt, it was one of the best sketches of the night. Christina Applegate was a pretty good host, although she didn't get a huge amount to do—she did get to show off her dance moves though.

On Weekend Update, Seth Meyers mocked that Philadelphia wedding fight and Arianna Huffington visited to talk about Martha Raddatz. Click through for those sketches and other highlights, including one on the iPhone 5, the return of "The Californians," a trailer for the new film "Give Us All Our Daughters Back," and performances by Passion Pit (unfortunately, the very good Odysseus and The Sirens sketch isn't online right now).