It's the single hottest day of the year (and maybe of all-time) in certain parts of the country, which seems like an appropriate way for Mother Nature to celebrate the 24th anniversary of Spike Lee's seminal film about racial tensions and pizza, Do The Right Thing. The movie, which takes place over the course of one long sweltering day in Bedford-Stuyvesant, still stands as one of Lee's best films, and earned him the reputation as "the most distinctive American multi-threat man since Woody Allen." Below, you can watch four parts of a behind-the-scenes documentary about the film.

For more Do The Right Thing, check out LA Times' oral history of the film from its 20th anniversary; read Roger Ebert and the NY Times' original reviews; revisit the block where it was filmed in Bed-Stuy here; watch the original trailer for the movie; and below, watch Times critic AO Scott re-evaluating it.