Whoever decided to pair up Radiohead with Stephen Colbert: bravo. Last night the band took over the show, performing songs and discussing global warming (Colbert asks, "Did you guys come here on an ox cart?"). During an interview in the Dr. Pepper Flavor Zone, the two discussed the band's anti-corporate belief system:

Stephen Colbert:

Tonight, we're sponsored by Dr. Pepper. We didn't talk about that, and I apologize, because, I should have checked to see if that was the official soft drink of Radiohead. And it's not, and that's on me and I apologize. Would you say it's out of the question?
Thom Yorke: I think so, it tastes like that stuff you get in the dentist and spit out.
Colbert: Well, Thom, he is a doctor.

Now, enjoy some songs (including a sure-to-be hit off their upcoming Christmas album)... and some Axe body spray ads. But first, a warning to those who didn't get tickets to their shows this week: according to the 4 out of 5 Gothamist staffers currently huddled under their desks rocking back and forth, these videos may make you weep.